reDUCT is an innovative fashion system that challenges consumer experience and consumption. This is achieved through designing out waste through a circular design approach:

-Designed as a wardrobe basics kit, including 8 items of clothing, a bag and excess for product packaging. Every piece is adjustable and can be worn multiple ways, paired together or mixed with your wardrobe.

-Designed to be produced by Social Enterprises around Rural India through all stages of production (Crop growing & extraction, textile production, sewing & packaging). Considering ethical, economical and cultural benefits from this.

-At the end of the kit’s life, it is fully biodegradable, or alternatively can be re-sewn into the lay plan to be reused as a sari, sewn into further garments or whatever the consumer desires. This focused heavily on the Cradle-to-cradle model circular design method.

This project was created in collaboration with Lydia Payne at NIFT Delhi through the Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia: Massey University Sustainable Fashion & Textiles Study Tour 2019